• ftp



Namespace: Shared.Classes

Assembly: SharedLib

FTP class



Download(String, String) Download File
Upload(String, String) Upload File
Delete(String) Delete File
Rename(String, String) Rename File
CreateDirectory(String) Create a New Directory on the FTP Server
GetFileCreatedDateTime(String) Get the Date/Time a File was Created
GetFileSize(String) Get the Size of a File
DirectoryListSimple(String) List Directory Contents File/Folder Name Only
DirectoryListDetailed(String) List Directory Contents in Detail (Name, Size, Created, etc.)
ConnectionString() Builds a valid connection string
RaiseFileUploadStart(String, Int64) File upload start
RaiseFileUpload(String, Int64) File upload raise event
RaiseFileUploadFinish(String, Int64, Boolean) File upload end

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