• UserSessionManager



Namespace: Shared.Classes

Assembly: SharedLib

UserSessionManager Class to manage user web sessions


#ctor Constructor


Clone Returns a cloned list of all user sessions
UserSessions Returns all cache manager items
Count Count of active user sessions
Instance Get's the active instance of the UserSessionManager
StaticWebSite Indicates wether it's a static website or not If set to false then country data will be retrieved from the database
InitialiseWebsite If true the website is automatically initialised, if false, the app is responsible
SaveImmediately If true, the page/session save is called immediately, if false, it is called within a thread


Run(Object) Thread run method
CancelThread(Int32, Boolean) Thread Cancel Method
SessionCreated(Shared.Classes.UserSession) Raises the sesssion created event for any listners
InitialiseSession(Shared.Classes.UserSession) Called in a seperate thread, updates thread with basic data to stop blocking
GetReferralType(Shared.Classes.UserSession) Determines the Referal Type for the sesssion
FinaliseSession(Shared.Classes.UserSession) Session is closing, are we saving any data from it?
RaiseSessionCreated(Shared.Classes.UserSession) Raises the session created event
RaiseSessionClosing(Shared.Classes.UserSession) Raises the sesssion closing method
RaiseSessionSave(Shared.Classes.UserSession) Raises the session save method
RaiseSavePage(Shared.Classes.UserSession, Shared.Classes.PageViewData) Raises an event to save the page data
RaiseGetIPDetails(Shared.Classes.UserSession) Raisess an event to obtain ip details
InitialiseSessionManager(TimeSpan) Initialises the SessionManager
Add(Shared.Classes.UserSession) Add's a new session to the Session Manager
Login(String, String, String, Int64) Called after a user logs in to update the username and email for the live session
_userSessionManger_ItemRemoved(Object, Shared.CacheItemArgs) Event called when a user session is removed from cache for inactivity etc

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