• UserSession



Namespace: Shared.Classes

Assembly: SharedLib

User Session object Stores information about user sessions



Created Date/Time Session Created
Status internal indicator on wether it's been processed by the UserSessionManger or not
SessionID Unique Session ID
InternalSessionID Internal session id
IPAddress IP Address of User
HostName Host computer name for user
UserAgent User Agent
IsMobileDevice Is mobile device
IsBrowserMobile Is mobile device based on browser capabilities
MobileRedirect Determines wether the user should be redirected to the mobile site
Referal Type of referral for session
InitialReferrer Initial referring website
Bounced Bounced indicates wether the user came to the page and left the site without doing anything else
IsBot User session is a bot
CityID Unique ID for City information
CountryCode Country for visitor
Region Visitor Region
CityName Visitor city
Latitude Latitude for ip address
Longitude Longitude for ip address
UserID Id of current logged on user
UserName Name of logged on user
UserEmail Email for logged on user
UserGuid Unique guid used to identify a user
UserBasketId Users basket id
MobileManufacturer Mobile device manufacturer
MobileModel Mobile device model
ScreenWidth Width of users screen
ScreenHeight Height of users screen
Pages List of pages visited by user
TotalTime Total time in seconds the user has been viewing pages
CurrentPage Current page being viewed
CurrentSale Indicates the value of the current sale This value should be set when the website makes a sale
CurrentSaleCurrency Current sale currency code
Tag User defined object for storing other data
SaveStatus Save status of data, to indicate wether the data requires saving, is already saved or pending changes before being saved
PageSaveStatus Save Status of pages for session


PageView(String, String, Boolean) PageView is used whenever a user visits a page
Clone() Creates a copy of the object
Login(Int64, String, String) Updates the user detail properties for the session
Sale(Decimal, String) Updates the Sale figures properties for the session
UpdateIPDetails(Int64, Decimal, Decimal, String, String, String) Internally updates the IP Address details
CheckIfMobileDevice(String) Detects wether the user session is from a mobile device or not Stores the result as session state


MobileCheck Is Mobile Device
MobileVersionCheck Mobile Version
_pageViews Primary page views
_pageViewLockObject Private lock object for when adding pages