• EventLog



Namespace: Shared

Assembly: SharedLib

Event logging


MaximumFileSize Maximum size of log/error file
Path Get/Set the path of the event log file.


ArchiveOldLogFiles(Int32) Archives old log files, older than days
LogError(Reflection.MethodBase, Exception, Object[]) Logs an internal error
LogError(Reflection.MethodBase, String, Object[])
Debug(String, String) Debug only
Debug(String) Debug Only
Debug(Exception, String) Debug Only
Initialise(Int32) Starts the thread log manager to manage log files
Add(Exception, String) Add's an exception to the event log
Add(String, String) Adds text to the log file with a header prefixing the text Entry added in form of header - text
Add(String) Adds text to the log file
DebugText(String) Adds text to the log file
GetPreviousErrorData(String, Shared.LoggingErrorCacheItem) Finds previous error data, if already exists, appends further occurrance data to the file, if not exists, creates the cache item


_lockObject object used for obtaining lock for multithreaded use
_errorCache if error is reported more than once in an hour, ignore previous errors
_logCache If a log item repeats more than once in 30 minutes, then ignore
_maximumFileSize Maximum size of log/error file, after this is exceeded, nothing will be logged
_logPath Path for log files
_errorPath Path for error logs

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