• CpuUsage



Namespace: Shared.Classes

Assembly: SharedLib

Class to get CPU Usage for current process


#ctor Constructor


OtherProcessCPUUsage Percentage of cpu usage within the process from unmanaged threads (including Main Thread)
ThreadCPUChanged One of the threads CPU Usage has changed when getting the stats
EnoughTimePassed Determines wether 500ms has passed or not


ThreadAdd(Shared.Classes.ThreadManager) Adds a thread to the list of threads being watched
ThreadRemove(Shared.Classes.ThreadManager) Removes a thread from list of threads being watched
ThreadUsageCount() Returns the number of threads being watched
ThreadUsageGet(Int32) Retrieves the n'th watched thread
GetProcessUsage() Retrieves the total process usage for the current process
ThreadRemoveInternal(Shared.Classes.ThreadManager, Int32) Removes a thread from list of threads being watched

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