• ProductPlugin


Assembly: ProductPlugin


The Product plugin provides a convenient and easy way to display products within a website. Each product can have many properties that will be shown depending on whether they exist or not. The current list of supported properties are:

  • Name.
  • Multiple images.
  • Description.
  • Tag Line.
  • Primary and sub categories.
  • Features.
  • Video Link
  • Integration with the ShoppingCartplugin module.
  • Name based product routes.
  • Stock Availability.
  • New Product.
  • Featured Product.
  • Best Selling Product.

Integration with Middleware

The IProductProvider interface should be implemented by the host application, this contains all methods that are required to interact with the Product plugin module.

Product Groups

Products are grouped into individual product groups for easy viweing within the site. Products can be categorized into one or more product groups, they must have a primary group.

Customise Product Pages

As with all website plugin modules, the pages that are created in /Views/Product folder can be customised and personalised from their default settings to match the theme of the website where they will be shown.


Please view ProductControllerSettings for details on how to customize the Product plugin.

How to use

The Product plugin should be loaded using the Plugin Manager.