• ShoppingCartItem



Namespace: Middleware.ShoppingCart

Assembly: Middleware

Provides details shopping cart item data.



Id Unique id of the shopping cart item.
ItemId Id of the product item
ItemCount Number of items.
ItemCost Cost of the item.
TaxRate Rate of tax applied to the item.
Name Name of the item.
Description Description of the item.
Images Images for the item
IsDownload Indicates that the item is downloadable or not.
Weight Weight of item in grams.
CustomerReference Customer reference for the item in the cart.
CanBackOrder Indicates that the item can be backordered.
Size Size or dimensions of the item.
StockAvailability Availability of stock for the item in the shopping cart.
DiscountRate Discount amount for specific product item
DiscountType Type of discount


UpdateCount(Int32) Update the count of the individual item by adding more.
ResetCount(Int32) Resets the total count to a new value
SetCurrentStockLevel(UInt32) Sets the stock availability for an item within the shopping cart.
CostWithDiscountApplied() Retrieves the cost with any discounts applied
UpdateDiscountCode(String, SharedPluginFeatures.DiscountType, Decimal, Int32) Updates the shopping cart with a shopping cart, if it exists

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