• ShoppingCartDetail



Namespace: Middleware.ShoppingCart

Assembly: Middleware

Provides detailed information about shopping a users shopping cart. Descends from ShoppingCartSummary and is used with IShoppingCartProvider and ShoppingCart.Plugin module.



CouponCode Coupon code that has been applied to the shopping cart.
Items List of all items within the shopping cart.
RequiresShipping Determines whether the cart contains items that require shipping.
DeliveryAddressId Unique delivery address for the users, where the products will be shipped to.


Add(Middleware.Products.Product, Int32) Adds a new product to the shopping cart.
Update(Int32, Int32) Updates the quantity for a specific product within the shopping cart.
Delete(Int32) Deletes a product from the shopping cart.
Reset() Resets the total cost and item count of all items within the cart.
ClearVoucherData() Clears any voucher data associated with the shopping cart
SetDeliveryAddress(Middleware.Accounts.DeliveryAddress) Sets the delivery address for the shopping cart, this is typically completed during the checkout phase.
Clear() Clears and resets shopping cart
UpdateDiscount(String, SharedPluginFeatures.DiscountType, Decimal) Updates the discount for a shopping cart

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