• SessionBaseData



Namespace: Middleware.SessionData

Assembly: Middleware

Base session data for Hourly, Daily, Weekly Monthly and Yearly


#ctor Default constructor


TotalVisits Total number of visits
HumanVisits Total number of human visits
MobileVisits Total number of visits from a mobile device
BotVisits Total number of visits from a Bot
Bounced Total number of human visitors who have bounced
TotalPages Total number of pages viewed
TotalSales Total cost of all sales
Conversions Number of conversions from visits to sales
MobileConversions Number of daily conversions from visits to sales on mobile devices
ReferrerUnknown Unknown referrer count
ReferDirect Direct referrer count
ReferOrganic Organic referrer count
ReferBing Bing referrer count
ReferGoogle Google referrer count
ReferYahoo Yahoo referrer count
ReferFacebook Facebook referrer count
ReferTwitter Twitter referrer count
ReferOther Other referrer count
CountryData Counts by country for the specified period
UserAgents Counts by user agent for the specified period

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