• SearchResponseItem



Namespace: Middleware.Search

Assembly: Middleware

Search response for all search types.



ResponseType User defined response type i.e. document, webpage, product, tag etc.
Response Response from search result.
Offset The offset within response where the search term was found, if relevant.
Url Url, if provided, returned by the search provider. If this value is null then the host has to determine how the search result can be viewed in the host application probably based on the ResponseType
Properties Dictionary of properties, these are user defined on the premise that the writer of the propery will know. and check for it's type before using it.
Relevance Indicates the relevance of the search item in relation to the search
ViewName Name of the view that will be used to display the search results
DisplayName Name that will be displayed with the search result url, should no custom view be supplied.


HighlightKeywords(Int32) Highlights the keyword search

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