• Product



Namespace: Middleware.Products

Assembly: Middleware

Display options for a product within a website.



Id Unique product id.
ProductGroupId Primary ProductGroup the product belongs to.
Name Name of the product.
Description Description of the product.
Features Product feature list. This will be converted to a bullet list when displayed on a website.
VideoLink The url for a video linkt to the product if one exists.
Images List of images which represent the product.
NewProduct Indicates the product is a new product.
BestSeller Indicates the product is a best selling product.
RetailPrice Retail price of product.
Sku Unique product SKU.
IsDownload Indicates the product is downloadable.
AllowBackorder Indicates the product is allowed to be back ordered, if there is no stock available at the time of purchase.
StockAvailability The quantity of stock available for the product.


SetCurrentStockLevel(UInt32) Sets the current stock availability for the product.

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