• KeywordSearchOptions



Namespace: Middleware.Search

Assembly: Middleware

Keyword search request


#ctor(Boolean,String,Boolean,Boolean) Constructor
#ctor(Boolean,String,Boolean) Constructor
#ctor(String,Boolean) Constructor
#ctor(Boolean,String) Constructor
#ctor(String) Constructor for logged out user


Timeout Timeout in milliseconds, if implemented then after the timeout period an error should be raised.
PatternMatching Indicates that searching should be based on pattern matching.
Properties Dictionary of properties, these are user defined on the premise that the writer of the propery will know. and check for it's type before using it.
QuickSearch Indicates that a quick search should be completed, this should be based on titles etc
MaximumSearchResults Maximum number of search results to be returned, default value is 100
ExactMatch Determines whether the search should be an exact match or not.
SearchName Name of the search prefix, this is used by other search providers who can create a search and prefix it so as to return afterwards

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