• ISmokeTestProvider



Namespace: Middleware

Assembly: Middleware

Provides an opportunity for the website to provide custom data which can be used as part of the smoke test.


SmokeTestStart() Indicates the test is about to start. The result of this method can contain custom name value pairs, this can be used by the Smoke Test engine when preparing tests to be run. For example the following name value pair could be used to indicate a logged on user name and password: LoggedOnUser=admin LoggedOnUserPassword=qwerty123 When a test is being prepared, it will search for {LoggedOnUser} within the body, or form parameters and the value will be replaced with admin and {LoggedOnUserPassword} will be searched for in the form parameters or body and replaced with qwerty123 Ideally the test data should be created when this function is called and cleaned up using . Data can be created dynamically within a database or other storage mechanism to help test functionality of a website.
SmokeTestEnd() Indicates that the Smoke Test has finished and that all previously created data can be cleaned up and removed.

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