• IResourceProvider



Namespace: Middleware

Assembly: Middleware

Resource provider interface


GetAllResources() Retrieves a list of all resources
GetAllResources(Int64) Retrieves a list of all resources with a specific parent id
GetResourceCategory(Int64) Retrieves a resource category with a specific id
GetResourceItem(Int64) Retrieves a resource item based on it's id
IncrementResourceItemResponse(Int64, Int64, boolean) Increments the like count for a resource
IncrementViewCount(Int64) Increments the view count for a resource item
AddResourceCategory(Int64, Int64, string, string) Creates a new resource category
UpdateResourceCategory(Int64, ResourceCategory) Updates an existing resource category
RetrieveAllCategories() Retrieves all resource categorys for administration purposes
AddResourceItem(Int64, ResourceType, Int64, string, string, string, string, boolean, List<string>) Adds a new resource item
RetrieveAllResourceItems() Retrieves all resource items for administrative purposes
UpdateResourceItem(Int64, ResourceItem) Updates a resource item
ToggleResourceBookmark(Int64, ResourceItem) Updates a user bookmark for a resource item, if not present the bookmark is added, if present the bookmark is removed
RetrieveUserBookmarks(Int64) Retrieves a list of all user

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