• IHelpdeskProvider



Namespace: Middleware.Helpdesk

Assembly: Middleware

Helpdesk provider for integrating with the HelpdeskPlugin module. This item must be implemented by the host application and made available via DI.


GetFeedback(Boolean) Retrieve all feedback to be displayed on the website.
SubmitFeedback(Int64, String, String) Request to submit feedback for a website.
GetTicketPriorities() Retrieve a list of ticket priorities to be displayed to the user submitting a ticket.
GetTicketDepartments() Retrieve a list of all ticket departments to be display to the user submitting a ticket.
GetTicketStatus() Retrieve a list of all available ticket statuses.
SubmitTicket(Int64, Int32, Int32, String, String, String, String, Middleware.Helpdesk.HelpdeskTicket) Submits a support ticket to the website.
GetTicket(Int64) Retrieve a ticket using the unique ticket Id.
GetTicket(String, String) Retreive a ticket using the users email address and the unique ticket key.
TicketRespond(Middleware.Helpdesk.HelpdeskTicket, String, String) Submits a response to a Helpdesk support ticket.
GetKnowledgebaseGroups(Int64, Middleware.Helpdesk.KnowledgeBaseGroup) Retrieves a list of all KnowledgeBaseGroup items.
GetKnowledgebaseGroup(Int64, Int64) Retrieves an individual KnowledgeBaseGroup item.
GetKnowledgebaseItem(Int64, Int64, Middleware.Helpdesk.KnowledgeBaseItem, Middleware.Helpdesk.KnowledgeBaseGroup) Retrieves an individual KnowledgeBaseItem.
KnowledgebaseView(Middleware.Helpdesk.KnowledgeBaseItem) Indicates that a KnowledgeBaseItem has been viewed.

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