• IDynamicContentProvider



Namespace: Middleware.DynamicContent

Assembly: Middleware

Dynamic content provider for integrating with the DynamicContent.Plugin module. This item must be implemented by the host application and made available via DI.


CreateCustomPage() Creates a new custom page and returns the id of the new page
GetCustomPageList() Retrieves a list of custom pages
GetCustomPages() Retrieves all custom pages
GetCustomPage(Int64) Retrieves dynamic page content by id
Templates() Retrieves all dynamic content templates
PageNameExists(Int64, String) Determines whether the page name already exists
RouteNameExists(Int64, String) Determines whether a route name already exists
Save(Middleware.IDynamicContentPage) Saves the dynamic content page
SaveUserInput(String) Provides an opportunity for user input that is input via custom forms to be saved

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