• HelpdeskTicket



Namespace: Middleware.Helpdesk

Assembly: Middleware

Represents a Helpdesk support ticket and used with IHelpdeskProvider and the HelpdeskPlugin module.



Id Unique id of the helpdesk ticket.
Priority Priority assigned to the support ticket.
Department Department to which the support ticket is assigned.
Status Current status of the helpdesk ticket.
Key Unique ticket key used to identify the ticket.
Subject Subject of the helpdesk message.
DateCreated Date and time the ticket was created.
DateLastUpdated Date and time the ticket was last updated.
CreatedBy Name of the person creating the support ticket.
CreatedByEmail Email address of the person who created the support ticket.
LastReplier Name of the person who last responded to the support ticket.
Messages List of all HelpdeskTicketMessage messages within the support ticket.

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