• BlogItem



Namespace: Middleware.Blog

Assembly: Middleware

Blog item represents a blog post within a website.



Id Unique id representing the blog entry.
UserId Unique id of user creating the blog entry.
Title Title of blog entry.
Excerpt Brief description describing the blog entry.
BlogText The main blog text.
Username Name of user creating the blog entry.
Published Indicates whether the blog entry has been published or not.
PublishDateTime The date/time the blog entry will appear live on the website.
Created Date and time the blog was created.
LastModified Date and time the blog entry was last modified.
IsAvailable Determines whether the blog entry is visible on the website or not.
Tags Descriptive tags for the blog.
Comments List of comments for the blog entry.


Equals(Object) Determines whether objects are equal or not
GetHashCode() Retrieves the Hashcode for the BlogItem
UpdateBlog(String, String, String, Boolean, DateTime, Collections.Generic.List{String}) Updates the public properties for a blog entry.

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