• LoginControllerSettings


Namespace: LoginPlugin

Assembly: LoginPlugin

Settings that determine how the Login.Plugin module is configured and used.


CaptchaShowFailCount Maximum number of attempts to login before the user is prevented from logging in for several minutes.
CaptchaWordLength Length of the Captcha word. Default: 7 Minimum: 6 Maximum: 12
LoginSuccessUrl The absolute or relative Uri where the user will be redirected to if the login was successful.
CacheUseSession Determines whether the ip address or unique Net Core session id is used to cache data. This is mainly useful in a debug environment and should be set to true.
ShowRememberMe Determines whether the Remember Me option is shown or not.
RememberMeCookieName Remember me cookie name. Must be between 6 and 20 characters long. Default: RememberMe
EncryptionKey Encryption key used to encrypt cookie values. Must be between 20 and 60 characters long.
LoginDays Number of days the user can remain logged in, this is accomplished using cookies. Default: 30 Minimum: 1 Maximum: 360
ChangePasswordUrl Url that the user can be redirected to, in order to change their password. This must be either a relative or absolute Uri.
AuthenticationScheme The name of the authentication scheme

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