• SitemapItem



Namespace: SharedPluginFeatures

Assembly: SharedPluginFeatures

Interface for an individual sitemap item.


#ctor(Uri,SharedPluginFeatures.SitemapChangeFrequency) Constructor for item with no priority or modification date
#ctor(Uri,SharedPluginFeatures.SitemapChangeFrequency,DateTime) Constructor for item with no priority
#ctor(Uri,SharedPluginFeatures.SitemapChangeFrequency,Decimal) Constructor for item with no last modified date
#ctor(Uri,SharedPluginFeatures.SitemapChangeFrequency,Nullable{Decimal},Nullable{DateTime}) Constructor for items with priority and last modified date


Location The url for the sitemap item, this can be a full or partial uri
LastModified Date/time the item was last modified, this can be null
ChangeFrequency The frequency at which the item is updated
Priority The priority of this item in comparison to other sitemap items. This value must be between 0.0 and 1.0, if null a default value of 0.5 will be used.

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