• ProductControllerSettings


Namespace: ProductPlugin

Assembly: ProductPlugin

Products which affect how ProductsPlugin is configured.


ProductsPerPage Number of products to display on each page. Default: 12 Minimum: 1 Maximum: 500
PriceGroups Price groups that users can search for, this is a delimited list that must contain decimal values e.g. 0;5.00;10.00;20.00;35.00;50.00 This would be displayed as Free Under 5 5 to 10 10to 20 20 to 35 35 to 50 Over 50
ShowProductCounts If true, the number of products that match the search item will be displayed in brackets next to the value. For instance, if 3 products are valued at 3.99, given the default PriceGroups you would see Under 5 (3)

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