• PluginSettings


Namespace: PluginManager

Assembly: PluginManager

Settings that affect how PluginManager works.


Disabled Opionally disable plugin manager and prevent it from loading any plugins.
PluginPath Path where plugin assembly modules are located.
PluginSearchPath Root path that is used to search for plugin assembly modules.
SystemFiles Root path that will be searched for dll's that can not be found when loading plugin modules.
CreateLocalCopy Indicates whether a copy of the plugin will be sent to <seealso cref="P:PluginManager.PluginSettings.LocalCopyPath" />, where it will be loaded from.
LocalCopyPath If CreateLocalCopy is true, this path will be used to store and load the plugins from.
PluginFiles User defined list of plugin modules that will be loaded in order prior to generic loading of plugins. If you need to specify the load order of plugins the assembly names (with or without path) need to be included in this list.
Plugins Individual plugin module settings.

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