• IPluginClassesService


Namespace: PluginManager.Abstractions

Assembly: PluginManager

IPluginClassesService is implemented by the AspNetCore.PluginManager and is available using DI. This interface provides a conduit for the application or other plugins to quickly search all plugins for classes that implement or extend a specific class or interface. This can be particularly useful if for instance you define menu items within plugins, the host can search all plugins for the menu class, and get a list of all objects, instantiated or not. The plugin can then use the interfaces to dynamically create menu items.


GetPluginClasses``1() Retrieves a list of instantiated classes that either descend from, or implement T. If a class requires parameters for instantiating, then they will be sought from the DI container, as long as the parameters are available then an instance of the class will be created.
GetPluginClassTypes``1() Retrieves a list of classes as types, that either descend from or implement T. This method will not create instances of the classes found, instead it will return the list and the calling module can choose how it wants to use them.

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