• CompanySettings


Namespace: Company.Plugin.Classes

Assembly: Company.Plugin

Settings for the Company plugin module which determine which pages are visible or not.


ShowAbout Show the about page, provide information about the website and/or company operating it.
ShowCareers Show the careers page, if the company has job openings, details can be shown on the careers page.
ShowContact Show the contact us page, provide visitors with company contact details.
ShowCookies Show the cookie page, provide visitors with details information regarding the site cookie policy.
ShowDelivery Show the delivery page, detailing information on delivery options etc.
ShowNewsletter Show the newsletter page, giving visitors details of any newsletters that may be provided.
ShowPrivacy Show the privacy page, giving visitors details of the privacy policy.
ShowReturns Show the returns page, if the company allows users to return items, details of the procedure/policy can be shown here.
ShowTerms Show the Terms and conditions page, provide visitors with terms and conditions on using the website.
ShowAffiliates Show the affiliates page, if an affiliate program is provided, details on its useage con be provided here.

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